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Last updated on 4 April 2024

Not to be confused with an American company of the same name that offers financial support to charitable bodies, Creative Capital is a specialist in invoice finance – but does it have good reviews?

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We need to address the elephant in the room with this lender – it will likely be more expensive to borrow from Creative Capital than many rivals, as your borrowing will be charged interest rather than a one lump percentage, and your borrowing will be capped at 80% of an invoice value.

However, all loans applied for through Creative Capital are insured so a credit check will not be involved, making this a potential solution for businesses yet to build a credit file or that have experienced financial problems in the recent past.

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Creative Capital business loans and finance

Pros and cons of Creative Capital for business finance 

No contracts – you can release funds on as many or as few invoices as you like Absolutely no online reviews – this could be considered a major red flag!
Bad credit is not necessarily a stumbling block Limited product scope
All borrowing on an invoice finance basis is insured if the client fails to settle a bill Releases a maximum of 80% of an invoice value – most competitors offer 90%
You will be charged interest rather than a one-off fee, so invoices that take longer to clear cost more
Creative Capital will be open with your customers about their involvement in your business
Not regulated by the FCA or any similar body
Creative Capital pros and cons

Invoice finance

Invoice financing is the only product offered by Creative Capital at present. You can submit an outstanding invoice to Creative Capital and they will loan you up to 80% of the invoice value. Creative Control will then assume responsibility for the collection of these funds.

They will not make any secret of who they are, so ensure you are happy for your clients to know this,) and the interest will be payable on the invoice until it is paid. If there is any value left on the invoice once the balance is settled, Creative Capital will submit these funds to you.

Creative Capital does not operate on an invoice factoring or invoice discounting basis. You can pick and choose which invoices you wish to release funds from on a case-by-case basis. As no credit checks are involved in the process, you can also apply for funding from Creative Capital alongside other outstanding loans and debt repayments.

Asset finance 

Not available from Creative Capital. See best asset finance

Commercial mortgages

Not available from Creative Capital. See commercial mortgages.

Business vehicle finance

Not available from Creative Capital. See business vehicle finance.

Merchant cash advance

Not available from Creative Capital. See best merchant cash advance

Business loans 

Not available from Creative Capital. See best business loans

Business credit cards

Not available from Creative Capital. See best business credit cards

Creative Capital key information

Phone number0808 501 6455
App downloadsN/A
Number of branchesN/A – Creative Capital is an online business
FSCS protected?No
Key information
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Creative Capital reviews

Review platformScoreNumber of votes
TrustPilotNot reviewedN/A
FeefoNot reviewedN/A
Reviews.ioNot reviewedN/A
Smart Money PeopleNot reviewedN/A
Which?Not reviewedN/A
Average scoreNot reviewedN/A
Creative Capital review and ratings

Business eligibility criteria

Creative Capital plays its cards very close to the chest as to its acceptance criteria, though this lender is seemingly more flexible than most competitors – for a price! You’ll need to get in touch with Creative Capital to learn if you can borrow from this business. 

Business finance alternatives

Creative Capital specialises in invoice finance for companies that may be declined by other lenders, but is not the only lender in town. If you do not qualify for borrowing from Creative Capital or wish to compare the offer of this lender with a rival, consider the following competitors:

  • Bibby Business Finance
  • Close Brothers
  • eCapital Factoring
  • IGF Commercial Finance
  • Kriya
  • Novuna Business Finance
  • Pulse Cashflow Finance
  • Skipton Business Finance
  • Team Factors
  • Time Finance Plc

Additional considerations

If you remain unsure if Creative Capital is the best invoice finance provider for your needs, take a look at some the case studies offered by the lender for further insights.


I have bad credit – can I still take out invoice finance through Creative Capital?

Creative Capital is less concerned with credit scores from applicants, so bad credit will not necessarily stand in the way of an interest finance loan. Creative Capital understands that a business may need their services because slow payment of invoices has led to financial hardship and missed deadlines.

How much can I borrow from Creative Capital?

Lending on an invoice finance basis is capped at 80% of the value of an outstanding invoice. This is a little less than most competitors, who will offer up to 90% – sometimes the full value under particular parameters.

How do I apply for finance from Creative Capital?

Call Creative Capital on 0161 905 0412 to discuss your needs, or leave your details on an online form and request a callback. You can apply online directly if you prefer, but will need to set up an account.

What fees are associated with borrowing from Creative Capital?

Unlike most invoice finance providers, Creative Capital does not charge a one-off fee for invoice finance, but the outstanding debt will accrue interest. This interest rate will be assigned upon application.

Does Creative Capital set a fixed term for repayments?

While Creative Capital does not have a fixed term for repayments – if a debtor does not settle their bill, their details will be passed to the businesses insurance provider to ensure that his client is not accepted in future – but the longer an invoice remains outstanding, the more interest to repay will build up.

Will I need to secure borrowing from Creative Capital against an asset?

Lending on an invoice financing basis through Creative Capital is an unsecured loan. 

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