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Last updated on 10 August 2023

Braemar Finance is part of the Close Brothers bank, offering financial support to a handful of industries.

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It should be made clear that lending options from Braemar finance are only open to businesses in the medical (including dental, optical and pharmacy,) veterinary, legal, accountancy, funeral, and care home industries.

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If your business falls under these remits, you will be able to apply for business loans for a variety of reasons, or asset-based financing.

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Braemar Finance business loans and finance

Pros and cons of Braemar Finance for business finance 

Flexible loan arrangements based on your unique circumstances Only work with a select handful of industries
Part of the reputable Close Brothers bank Very few online reviews
Braemar Finance pros and cons

Business loans 

Braemar Finance offers a range of business loans for companies that fall within the appropriate industry. Options here include the following:

General business loans

Tell Braemar Finance how much you are looking to borrow, and for how long, and this lender will confirm if they can help you. If they are unable to do so, Braemar Finance will signpost you to alternative lending streams.

Tax loans

Take out a loan to help with large corporate tax bills, repayable for up to 18 months. This can be a great way to ensure your pay your taxes on time and avoid accruing interest. This loan can be paid straight to HMRC if you prefer.

VAT loans

Take out a loan against your VAT liability, repayable over up to a year. This may enable you to redirect funds that were set aside for a quarterly VAT bill.

Consolidation and refinancing loans

Consolidate existing business debts into one monthly payment, potentially saving substantial sums in interest each month. See debt refinancing.

Asset finance 

Braemar Finance also offers two kinds of asset-based finance:


Braemar Finance will purchase an asset at your request and lease it to you for a set period, based on fixed monthly repayments. You will not own the asset at any point, but neither will you be responsible for its maintenance or repair, or saddled with an outdated piece of equipment.

Hire purchase

Braemar Finance will purchase an asset between the value of £200,000 and £1,000,000, with your business making payments on a monthly basis. At the end of your repayments, you will own the asset outright.

Braemar Finance account login

Invoice finance

Not available from Braemar Finance. See invoice factoring

Merchant cash advance

Not available from Braemar Finance. See merchant cash advance.

Business credit cards

Not available from Braemar Finance. See business credit cards

Commercial mortgages

Not available from Braemar Finance. See commercial mortgages.

Business vehicle finance

Not available from Braemar Finance. See business vehicle finance

Braemar Finance key information

Phone number01563 897252
App downloadsN/A
Number of branchesN/A
FSCS protected?No
Key information

Braemar Finance reviews

Review platformScoreNumber of votes
TrustPilotNot reviewedN/A
FeefoNot reviewedN/A
Reviews.ioNot reviewedN/A
Smart Money People3.5/54
Which?Not reviewedN/A
Average score3.5/54 total votes
Braemar Finance reviews and ratings

Business eligibility criteria

Braemar Finance prides itself on its dedication to supporting SMEs and meeting the needs of clients, so this lender does not pre-set criteria as to whether an application will be accepted.

However, remember that you must work within a set industry to qualify for borrowing from this lender. To confirm, Braemar Finance will only consider lending to a company in the following industries:

  • Dental
  • Veterinary
  • Optical
  • Legal
  • Accountancy
  • Medical
  • Care home
  • Pharmacy
  • Funeral

Business finance alternatives

If you do not qualify for borrowing from Braemar Finance, consider heading straight to parent company Close Brothers. Alternatively, plenty of unrelated direct business loan providers are out there. 

Additional considerations

This interview with Steve Forsyth of Braemar Finance explains why an eligible business may want to consider taking out a tax loan, one of the more unique products offered by this lender.


How do I apply for a Braemar Finance business loan or asset finance?

You can call Braemar Finance on 01563 897252 to discuss your options, or fill in some details on the lender’s website to request a callback.

Will Braemar Finance work with me if I have bad credit?

Braemar Finance is not a specialist in bad credit borrowing, but this lender looks at more than just your credit score when assessing a loan application. If you are honest about your history, and do not ask for an unrealistic sum, you may still qualify for borrowing.

How much will my business be able to borrow through Braemar Finance?

Braemar Finance does not assign a default cap on loans and asset-based borrowing. Get in touch with Braemar to ask and let them know what you are looking for, and you will learn if your request is viable.

How long does it take to get funding through Braemar Finance?

All applications for funding through Braemer Finance need to be assessed by the lender’s underwriters. How long this takes depends on the complexity of your business affairs and credit history. Once your application is approved, you will rapidly receive the funds in your chosen account.

How much will a business loan through Braemar Finance cost?

Braemar Finance will assign an interest rate to your loan based on the circumstances surrounding your borrowing.

Will I need to secure my lending through Braemar Finance against an asset?

All loans from Braemar Finance are issued on an unsecured basis. Naturally, you will lose access to an asset financed on a leased or hire purchase basis.

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