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Last updated on 26 June 2023

As a crucial payment infrastructure for businesses around the world, Braintree, owned by PayPal, has positioned itself as a leader in the field. In this article, we take a comprehensive look at Braintree’s offerings, providing a detailed overview of its services, pricing structure, comparisons with competitors, and reviews from customers.

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Headline numbers

  • Over 1 billion cards on file globally
  • Available in 45 countries
  • Supports 130+ currencies
  • Over 600,000 businesses use Braintree

Braintree fees and charges

Product NameContract LengthTerminal CostConsumer Card FeesBusiness Card FeesCNP FeesMinimum Monthly ChargeRefund FeesChargebacksPCI ComplianceEarly Termination
Payment GatewayPay-as-you-goNot applicable1.9% + 20p (EU cards), 2.9% + 20p (non-EU cards)1.9% + 20p (EU cards), 2.9% + 20p (non-EU cards)Same as card feesNoneNo additional fee£15IncludedNo fee
Braintree DirectPay-as-you-goNot applicable1.9% + 20p (EU cards), 2.9% + 20p (non-EU cards)1.9% + 20p (EU cards), 2.9% + 20p (non-EU cards)Same as card feesNoneNo additional fee£15IncludedNo fee
Braintree MarketplacePay-as-you-goNot applicableVaries, provided upon consultationVaries, provided upon consultationSame as card feesNoneVaries, provided upon consultation£15IncludedNo fee
Braintree for WooCommercePay-as-you-goNot applicable1.9% + 20p (EU cards), 2.9% + 20p (non-EU cards)1.9% + 20p (EU cards), 2.9% + 20p (non-EU cards)Same as card feesNoneNo additional fee£15IncludedNo fee

Please consult with Braintree directly to get the most accurate and up-to-date information as their pricing and fees can change over time.

Key Information

Founded (date, location)2007, Chicago, USA
Phone Number+44 800 358 9448
FSCS Protected?No
FCA Regulated?Yes

Pros and Cons of Braintree


  • Extensive integration options: Braintree’s APIs and SDKs offer robust and flexible integration capabilities.
  • Global presence: Supports transactions in over 130 currencies across 45 countries.
  • Owned by PayPal: Braintree’s integration with PayPal offers increased trust and reliability.


  • Complex setup: The range of features can make the initial setup slightly challenging.
  • Unpredictable flat-rate pricing: The flat-rate pricing model may not suit all businesses, especially those with larger transactions.
  • Limited phone support: Phone support isn’t available 24/7.

Braintree products and services

Payment Gateway

Braintree’s payment gateway supports an extensive range of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, and digital wallets. The cost for this service is 1.9% + 20p per transaction for European cards, and 2.9% + 20p per transaction for non-European cards. No monthly fees are charged.

Braintree Direct

Braintree Direct is a full-stack payment platform for online and mobile businesses. It’s designed to make accepting payments easy, while also providing features like fraud protection and data security. Pricing is similar to the payment gateway, with an additional charge for advanced fraud protection.

Braintree Marketplace

This solution enables platforms to split payments between multiple parties, making it ideal for online marketplaces. Pricing details are provided on request.

Braintree Auth

Braintree Auth provides a secure way for platforms to authorize direct control of merchant actions. It enables companies to manage payments on behalf of their merchant customers, view transaction data, handle disputes, and more. Like other Braintree products, Auth has a transaction-based pricing model, with costs provided on request.

Braintree Extend

Extend allows businesses to securely share payment data with their trusted partners. With this service, you can connect with partners for services like fraud detection, loyalty programmes, financing, and more. Pricing for Braintree Extend is provided upon consultation.

Braintree Vault

Braintree Vault offers secure storage for sensitive payment information. It leverages advanced encryption methods to ensure data security, helping businesses reduce their PCI compliance burden. Costs for using the Vault service are included in the standard transaction pricing.

Braintree Data Security

Braintree provides a suite of data security features to protect sensitive payment information. These include secure vault storage, PCI compliance assistance, and advanced fraud protection tools. Costs for these features are typically incorporated into the pricing for other Braintree services.

Braintree for WooCommerce

This service allows businesses using the WooCommerce platform for their online store to accept payments through Braintree. The plugin supports a range of payment methods and includes features like advanced fraud tools, recurring billing, and global availability. Pricing is consistent with Braintree’s standard transaction fees.

Braintree reviews

Review SiteRating
Google Reviews4.3/5
Braintree reviews

Alternatives to Braintree

  1. Stripe: Stripe provides a comprehensive suite of payment services. It offers a simple and predictable pricing model.
  2. Square: Square is known for its point-of-sale solutions, making it a viable alternative for brick-and-mortar businesses.
  3. Worldpay: As one of the world’s leading payment companies, Worldpay offers a broad array of payment services, including merchant accounts.

Additional considerations

While Braintree is a reliable payment gateway for many businesses, it’s essential to consider its flat-rate pricing model and the technical expertise required for integration. Furthermore, customer service availability might be a factor for some businesses.

Braintree company history

Founded in 2007, Braintree has grown to be a prominent name in the online payment processing industry. In 2013, PayPal acquired the company, adding to its robust lineup of payment solutions. Today, Braintree is integral to PayPal’s merchant services offerings.


Is Braintree suitable for small businesses?

Yes, Braintree can be a good choice for small businesses due to its scalability and range of payment methods.

Does Braintree support recurring payments?

Yes, Braintree offers recurring billing for subscription-based businesses.

Is Braintree secure?

Braintree is a validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider. They use data encryption to secure your customers’ payment information.

Are there setup or monthly fees with Braintree?

No, there are no setup or monthly fees associated with Braintree. Businesses primarily pay for the transactions processed.

Can Braintree process international transactions?

Yes, Braintree supports over 130 currencies and is available in 45 countries, making it suitable for businesses serving international markets.

How does Braintree’s pricing compare to its competitors?

While Braintree’s transaction fees are comparable to major competitors like Stripe or Square, its pricing can be less predictable due to the flat-rate model, particularly for businesses with larger transaction volumes.

Does Braintree offer point-of-sale (POS) solutions?

While Braintree is primarily an online payment processor, it does offer some in-person payment solutions through its parent company, PayPal.

What customer support options does Braintree provide?

Braintree offers a variety of support options, including email and phone support, though it’s worth noting that phone support isn’t available 24/7. They also offer an extensive online help center.

Can I use Braintree without a website?

Generally, you would need a website or an app to use Braintree since it’s primarily designed as a payment solution for online businesses. However, Braintree’s parent company, PayPal, does offer solutions for businesses without a website.

How does Braintree protect against fraud?

Braintree offers a suite of fraud detection and prevention tools, including AVS and CVV checks, risk threshold rules, and advanced fraud tools that leverage machine learning for real-time decision-making.

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