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Last updated on 16 June 2023

Handpoint is a payment solutions company that facilitates seamless and secure mobile payments across industries, revolutionising the field with cutting-edge technology and innovative services. This article provides an in-depth look at Handpoint’s services, pricing, comparisons and reviews.

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Headline numbers

  • Operating in more than 30 countries
  • Empowers over 100,000 businesses worldwide
  • Handling millions of transactions every day
  • Backed by over 20 years of experience in payments

Key information

Key InformationDetails
Founded1997, Reykjavik, Iceland
Website URLwww.handpoint.com
Phone Number+354 510 3300
FSCS Protected?No
FCA Regulated?Yes
Key information

Pros and cons of Handpoint


  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Offers a range of payment options
  • Global reach
  • Top-notch security
  • Comprehensive support


  • Not protected by the FSCS
  • Prices can be higher compared to some competitors
  • Limited transparency about fees on the website

Handpoint products and services

Mobile POS

Handpoint’s Mobile Point of Sale (POS) system is a modern solution designed for flexibility and mobility. It connects directly to a variety of tablets and smartphones, providing businesses with an accessible and portable sales terminal. Costs and fees vary depending on the size and specific needs of the business.

Integrated Payments

Handpoint’s integrated payments offer a seamless, secure connection between a company’s POS system and Handpoint’s payment processing. This ensures swift transactions, helping to reduce waiting times and increase customer satisfaction. Costs are individually calculated based on the scale and type of integration required.

P2PE Solutions

Handpoint’s P2PE (Point-to-Point Encryption) solutions provide businesses with an added layer of security, encrypting customer card data from the moment of swiping or dipping. Costs vary, depending on the size and complexity of the business operations.

e-Commerce Gateway

Handpoint’s e-commerce gateway offers a secure, flexible, and simple solution for businesses seeking to grow their online sales. This product provides safe and efficient online transactions, ensuring smooth operations for any e-commerce business. The costs for this product depend on the size and scale of the business’s online operations.

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Handpoint’s tokenisation service provides an added layer of security by replacing sensitive card details with unique identification symbols, or tokens, that retain all the essential information without compromising security. This service is priced according to the specific needs of the business.

Developer Tools

Handpoint also provides a host of developer tools to enable businesses to customise their payment solutions. These tools are designed to support the development of innovative, secure, and customer-centric payment applications. Pricing for these tools depends on the extent and complexity of the customisation required.

7. Back-Office Reporting

Handpoint’s back-office reporting solution enables businesses to keep track of their transactions and gain valuable insights into sales patterns. This system can integrate with existing business intelligence systems, providing real-time data analysis and comprehensive reporting. Costs for this product are determined by the scale and complexity of the business operations.

Handpoint reviews

Review SourceRating
Google Reviews4.3/5
Average Rating4.4/5
Handpoint reviews

Alternatives to handpoint

Several other payment solutions providers offer comparable services, including Square, PayPal, Stripe and Worldpay. These alternatives vary in terms of pricing, features, and global reach.

Additional considerations

When considering Handpoint, it’s crucial to take into account its specific features, such as its global reach and the integration capabilities of its payment solutions. Each business has unique needs and considerations, so it’s essential to ensure that Handpoint aligns with your specific requirements.

Handpoint company history

Founded in 1997 in Reykjavik, Iceland, Handpoint has evolved to be a significant player in the payment solutions industry, offering cutting-edge technology and services to businesses worldwide. Over the years, they’ve continually improved their products, adapting to technological advancements and shifts in consumer behaviours.


Is Handpoint secure?

Yes, Handpoint offers secure payment processing with P2PE solutions, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Is Handpoint’s pricing competitive?

While Handpoint’s prices can be higher compared to some competitors, they provide a wide range of payment options and excellent customer service.

Does Handpoint offer customer support?

Yes, Handpoint offers comprehensive customer support, helping businesses optimise their payment processes.

Can Handpoint’s system integrate with my existing POS?

Yes, Handpoint prides itself on offering solutions that are easily integratable with existing POS systems, making the transition smooth and hassle-free.

Does Handpoint operate internationally?

Yes, Handpoint provides services in over 30 countries worldwide, catering to a broad range of international businesses.

What forms of payment does Handpoint accept?

Handpoint accepts all major credit and debit cards. It also supports mobile and contactless payments, providing a variety of options to cater to modern payment trends.

Does Handpoint offer solutions for both small and large businesses?

Yes, Handpoint offers scalable solutions that can cater to businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to large multinational corporations.

How does Handpoint handle data security?

Data security is a top priority for Handpoint. It uses P2PE (Point-to-Point Encryption) solutions to ensure that customer card data is encrypted from the moment of swiping or dipping, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches.

Is there a contract or minimum term commitment for Handpoint services?

The terms of service can vary, so it is best to discuss this directly with Handpoint. They offer flexible solutions designed to meet the individual needs of each business.

Does Handpoint offer 24/7 customer support?

While Handpoint is committed to providing extensive support, the availability of round-the-clock customer service may vary by region and service agreement. It’s recommended to confirm this directly with Handpoint.

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