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Last updated on 10 August 2023

Together Money is one of the biggest business lenders out there, operating with over 700 staff across three UK offices, with a particular interest in offering commercial mortgages and other finance related to business property.

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Loans are seemingly available in the form of a ‘corporate finance’ product, but a search around the Together Money website will not reveal much information – you’ll really need to contact this lender to learn if they will be willing to work with your business. 

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Together property loans and commercial mortgages

Pros and cons of Together Money for business finance 

Over 50 years of experience in the business finance lending sector Information about products, especially loans, is very scant on the lender’s website
Comparatively fast payouts in successful mortgage applications Interest rates seem a little high on commercial mortgages
Broadly positive online reviews
Together Money pros and cons

Commercial mortgages

Mortgages and property finance are the core offering of Together. These products come in seven forms:

Commercial and semi-commercial property mortgages

Borrow up to £250,000,000 on a commercial property that you will use to run your business, repayable for up to 30 years. Interest rates begin at 10.25%, and maximum loan-to-value offer is 65%.

Land mortgages

Borrow up to £250,000,000 to buy land on which you plan to build property, repayable for up to 30 years. Interest rates begin at 10.25%, and maximum loan-to-value offer is 50%.

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Buy to let mortgages

Together will consider lending to SPVs that wish to invest in property on a buy to let basis. These mortgages usually have a maximum loan-to-value of 75%, and interest rates will vary depending on the type of property.

Holiday let mortgages

A specialist product intended for a property that will be used for regular short-term lets, such as Air B&Bs. Borrow up to £5,000,000, with interest rates varying depending on the property type and purpose. Maxim loan-to-value is 75%.

Commercial bridging loans

Plug a short-term gap in your business finances related to property. Interest rates start at just 1% and there will be no early exit fees, and loan-to-value ratio can be as high as 75%, but maximum repayment term is 12 months.

Development finance

Borrow substantial sums for up to three years to fund property development. More information will be provided if you get in touch with Together and discuss your circumstances.

Short-term auction finance

Quickly access between £26,000 and £5,000,000,000, repayable within 12 months, to secure a property at auction and ‘flip’ it for sale. Maximum loan-to-value ratio is 75%, interest rates start at 0.90%, and no early exit fees apply.

Business loans

Together offers a service referred to as ‘corporate finance’ that acts as a loan, but information about this on the lender’s website is virtually non-existent – you’ll need to get in touch to find out if you qualify, and how much you could borrow. See business loans for more straightforward loan options.

Together Money account login

Asset finance

Not available through Together. See asset finance.

Invoice finance

Not available through Together. See invoice factoring.

Merchant cash advance

Not available through Together. See merchant cash advance.

Business vehicle finance

Not available through Together. See business vehicle finance

Business credit cards

Not available through Together. See best business credit cards

Together Money key information

Phone number0161 933 7113
App downloadsN/A
Number of branches3 offices in the UK
FSCS protected?No
Key information

Together Money reviews

Review platformScoreNumber of votes
Reviews.ioNot reviewedN/A
Smart Money People1.8/53
Which?Not reviewedN/A
Average score3.5/51,100
Together Money reviews and ratings

Business eligibility criteria

Together does not reveal criteria for qualifying for lending ahead of time. You will need to get in touch to learn if you will be eligible for borrowing.

Business finance alternatives

If you are unwilling or unable to borrow from Together Money for your commercial mortgage, consider seeking a quote from InterBay, Cambridge & Counties Bank, Assetz Capital, Mansfield Building Society, or Proplend.

Additional considerations

All lending from Together Money is regulated by the FCA.


How do I apply for finance from Together Money?

You can call Together on 0161 933 7113 to discuss your options, or make a written inquiry through the website and wait for a callback.

Can I get a commercial mortgage from Together Money if I have bad credit?

Together claims to be flexible on all credit scores, so it could be worthwhile getting in touch with this lender to see if you can still obtain a mortgage despite historical financial issues.

How much can I borrow from Together Money for a commercial mortage?

Together will offer loans of up to £250,000 on a commercial mortgage, depending on your business finances and circumstances. You will need to pay a deposit of at least 35% of the property’s total value.

How will it take to receive funds from Together Money?

If your application for a commercial mortgage is successful, you should receive your money from Together within a few weeks.

Can I get an interest-only commercial mortgage from Together Money?

Yes, Together will consider interest-only commercial mortgage lending in some cases.

Will Together Money charge a product fee for a commercial mortgage?

Yes, you will be charged an additional 2% of the total amount borrowed as an arrangement fee by Together.

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