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Last updated on 20 September 2023

Clearhaus is a European payment institution and acquirer that enables online businesses to accept payments seamlessly. As e-commerce continues to evolve, there’s a growing demand for reliable payment solutions, making it imperative for businesses to understand the services and reliability of providers like Clearhaus.

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Headline numbers

  • Over 12,000 merchants served
  • Processes payments from 30+ countries
  • Offers support for 100+ currencies
  • 99.7% uptime guarantee
  • Transaction approval rate of 98.2%

Key information

Founded2011, Aarhus, Denmark
Phone number+45 8282 2200
FSCS protected?No
FCA regulated?Yes

Pros and cons of Clearhaus


  • Advanced fraud prevention tools
  • Rapid merchant onboarding process
  • Competitive pricing
  • Wide range of supported currencies
  • Robust API for developers


  • May not be suitable for very small merchants
  • Limited to online businesses
  • Some merchants report delays in payouts

Clearhaus products and services

1. Payment gateway

  • Description: Clearhaus’s payment gateway enables merchants to accept online payments securely and swiftly. It’s a critical touchpoint in the e-commerce cycle, helping businesses increase conversion rates by offering seamless payment experiences to their customers.
    • Supported Payment Methods: Credit cards, Debit cards, Digital Wallets.
    • Security: Supports 3D Secure authentication, ensuring safe transactions.
    • Integration: Wide range of plugins available for popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify.
    • Customisation: Customisable checkout design to align with brand aesthetics.
  • Costs/Fees: 1.5% + 20p per transaction (example rate).

2. Subscription billing

  • Description: Clearhaus’s subscription billing solution is designed for businesses that operate on a recurring revenue model. It helps automate the billing process, ensuring consistency and reducing manual intervention.
    • Billing Flexibility: Supports various billing cycles, from monthly to annually.
    • Prorating: Adjust charges automatically for service upgrades or downgrades.
    • Dunning Management: Automated processes to handle failed payments, ensuring revenue recovery.
    • Trial Periods: Option to offer promotional or trial periods before charging customers.
  • Costs/Fees: 2.0% + 25p per transaction (example rate).

3. Fraud prevention

  • Description: In the e-commerce realm, fraudulent activities can be a significant concern. Clearhaus provides advanced tools to detect and prevent potential fraudulent transactions, safeguarding both the business and its customers.
    • Risk Scoring: Evaluate transactions based on predefined criteria.
    • Geolocation: Track and flag transactions from suspicious locations.
    • Blacklist/Whitelist: Merchants can blacklist or whitelist specific card numbers, IP addresses, or countries.
    • Velocity Checks: Monitor transaction patterns and flag unusual spikes.
  • Costs/Fees: Pricing varies based on the volume of transactions and the level of customization required.

4. Multi-currency processing

  • Description: With the growth of global e-commerce, accepting payments in multiple currencies has become a necessity. Clearhaus’s multi-currency processing facilitates this, allowing businesses to cater to a wider audience.
    • Supported Currencies: Over 100+ currencies supported.
    • Dynamic Currency Conversion: Allow customers to view prices and make payments in their preferred currency.
    • Real-time Exchange Rates: Ensure accurate currency conversion with real-time rates.
  • Costs/Fees: Additional 1% on top of standard transaction fees (example rate).

5. Mobile payments

  • Description: As mobile commerce becomes increasingly popular, Clearhaus offers solutions tailored for mobile payments, ensuring businesses don’t miss out on potential sales.
    • Mobile Wallet Support: Integration with popular mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.
    • Responsive Design: Ensure seamless payment experience on all mobile devices.
    • One-click Payments: Faster checkouts for returning customers.
  • Costs/Fees: Standard transaction fees apply, with potential additional fees for certain mobile wallets.

Clearhaus reviews

Google Reviews4.6/5
Clearhaus reviews

Alternatives to Clearhaus

  1. Adyen
  2. Stripe
  3. Worldpay
  4. Square

Additional considerations

When considering Clearhaus as a payment provider, businesses should also account for integration efforts, customer support responsiveness, and any hidden fees not explicitly mentioned in standard pricing.

Clearhaus company history

Established in 2011 in Denmark, Clearhaus rapidly expanded its services across Europe. Known for its innovation-driven approach, it played an instrumental role in simplifying online payments for merchants while maintaining stringent security standards.


Is Clearhaus suitable for small businesses?

Yes, though it’s essential to evaluate transaction volumes against fees.

How long does Clearhaus merchant onboarding take?

Typically, it can be completed within a few days.

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Are there any setup fees with Clearhaus?

Clearhaus generally doesn’t charge setup fees, but it’s best to check the latest pricing on their website.

Can I use Clearhaus for cross-border transactions?

Yes, Clearhaus supports transactions from over 30 countries and multiple currencies.

What fraud prevention tools does Clearhaus offer?

Clearhaus provides advanced fraud detection systems, including 3D Secure authentication.

Is there a contract period or can I use Clearhaus on a rolling basis?

Clearhaus offers both contracted and rolling basis options, depending on your business needs.

Do they provide POS (Point Of Sale) solutions?

No, Clearhaus primarily focuses on online transactions.

What kind of customer support does Clearhaus provide?

Clearhaus offers email, phone, and live chat support to its merchants.

Are there any industries or business types Clearhaus doesn’t serve?

Certain high-risk industries might be subject to additional scrutiny or might not be supported. It’s best to check with Clearhaus directly.

How often does Clearhaus settle funds to merchants?

Settlements are typically made on a daily or weekly basis, though this can vary based on your agreement.

Can I integrate Clearhaus with my current ecommerce platform?

Yes, Clearhaus offers integrations with most major e-commerce platforms and provides a robust API.

Is there a transaction volume cap with Clearhaus?

While there’s no strict cap, sudden spikes in volume might trigger reviews for security reasons.

How does Clearhaus’s pricing compare to other providers?

Clearhaus offers competitive rates, but comparisons should be made based on your transaction volume and specific business needs.

Does Clearhaus handle chargebacks and disputes?

Yes, they provide a system for managing and contesting chargebacks and disputes.

Can I offer recurring payments or subscriptions with Clearhaus?

Yes, Clearhaus has a solution tailored for managing recurring payments and subscriptions.

What security measures does Clearhaus have in place?

Clearhaus is PCI DSS compliant and employs state-of-the-art encryption and fraud prevention tools.

Can I offer mobile payments through Clearhaus?

Yes, Clearhaus supports various mobile payment options.

What happens if I decide to switch from Clearhaus to another provider?

You’d need to ensure that any contractual obligations with Clearhaus are met and then integrate your new provider into your payment system.

Does Clearhaus offer multi-currency support?

Yes, they support over 100 different currencies.

How does Clearhaus handle refunds?

Merchants can process refunds through the Clearhaus dashboard, with the amount typically returned to the customer within 5-10 business days.

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