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Last updated on 16 June 2023

Clover is a powerful point-of-sale (POS) system utilised globally by a myriad of businesses, offering innovative and efficient solutions for the dynamic commerce industry. It provides a range of POS hardware and software products that cater to a multitude of business sizes and sectors.

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This article will delve into Clover’s offerings, analysing its advantages and drawbacks, pricing and comparisons with competitors.

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Headline numbers

  • More than 1 million businesses globally use Clover.
  • Over $133 billion processed annually through Clover systems.
  • Available in 25+ languages and adaptable to over 70 types of businesses.
  • Clover’s App market offers 300+ applications for businesses to customise their Clover system.

Clover data and fees

CategoryClover StationClover FlexClover MiniClover Go
Card reader nameClover StationClover FlexClover MiniClover Go
Contract length36 months36 months36 months36 months
Terminal cost£1,299£449£699£69
Consumer card fees1.69% + 5p1.69% + 5p1.69% + 5p1.69% + 5p
Business card fees2.5% + 5p2.5% + 5p2.5% + 5p2.5% + 5p
CNP fees2.9% + 25p2.9% + 25p2.9% + 25p2.9% + 25p
Min. monthly charge£20£20£20£20
Refund feesNo chargeNo chargeNo chargeNo charge
Replacement reader£250£200£200£50
Receipt rolls£20 per pack£20 per pack£20 per packN/A
Paper billing£4.50£4.50£4.50£4.50
PCI compliance£20 per year£20 per year£20 per year£20 per year
Early termination£275£275£275£275

Please note, these are standard prices and fees. Actual costs may vary depending on the specifics of your business or any negotiations with the provider. Always consult with Clover or a payments expert before making any commitments.

Company Information

Founded2010, Sunnyvale, California
Phone Number0800 023 4567
FSCS Protected?No
FCA Regulated?Yes

Pros and cons of Clover


  • The Clover system has numerous advantages. Its innovative, all-in-one hardware design reduces clutter and simplifies operations.
  • The system integrates seamlessly with existing business systems, including accounting software, and offers robust inventory management tools.
  • Clover’s App Market allows businesses to customise their system with specific applications for their needs.
  • Furthermore, it is cloud-based, which allows for remote management and data access.


  • On the downside, Clover’s initial set-up costs can be high, especially for smaller businesses.
  • The system requires a merchant account with Clover’s parent company, Fiserv, potentially limiting flexibility for some business owners.
  • Although Clover offers a vast range of features, some are only available as add-ons at additional costs.
  • Finally, its customer service has received mixed reviews, with some users finding it lacking in responsiveness.
Clover POS

Clover products and services

Clover Station

This is a fully integrated POS system with a swivel touchscreen, cash drawer, receipt printer, and barcode scanner. It’s designed for businesses that require a robust and comprehensive POS solution. It costs £1,299 with a monthly software fee starting from £39.95.

Clover Flex

A mobile POS device, ideal for small businesses or those requiring mobility. It accepts all payment types and can scan barcodes and print receipts. Clover Flex costs £449 with a monthly software fee starting from £9.95.

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Clover Mini

A compact POS device suitable for businesses with limited counter space. It supports all payment types and can be a standalone or complement to Clover Station. It costs £699 with a monthly software fee starting from £19.95.

Clover Go

This is a mobile card reader that works in conjunction with the Clover Go app, allowing businesses to accept payments anywhere. It’s a cost-effective solution for businesses requiring mobility. Clover Go costs £69 with a monthly software fee starting from £9.95.

Clover Dining

Specifically designed for restaurants, Clover Dining is a POS software system offering table mapping, order management, staff management, and other restaurant-specific features. Pricing for Clover Dining is available on request.

Clover Online

This is an eCommerce platform that allows businesses to set up an online store and accept payments. Clover Online is offered free to Clover users, but transaction fees apply.

Clover Gift Cards

Clover provides a gift card service, which allows businesses to sell digital or physical gift cards. This service costs £9.95 per month, excluding the cost of physical cards.

Clover Capital

A merchant cash advance service providing businesses with access to funding. Eligibility and fees for Clover Capital are determined based on your business’s card sales history with Clover.

Clover Insights

This is a business intelligence tool providing in-depth analysis and reporting. Pricing for Clover Insights is available on request.

Clover reviews

Review sourceRating
Google Reviews3.7/5
Clover reviews

Alternatives to Clover

Clover’s direct competitors include Square, Zettle, and Vend.

Square is a significant competitor offering competitive rates and a straightforward fee structure, ideal for small businesses. Zettle also offers affordable POS hardware and competitive transaction rates, with no monthly fees, making it attractive for budget-conscious businesses. Vend, on the other hand, provides robust inventory management features and ecommerce integration, ideal for retail businesses.

Additional considerations

While Clover is an advanced POS solution, it is crucial for businesses to consider their specific needs and budget before committing.

The initial investment, monthly software fees, and transaction rates can be steep, especially for smaller businesses.

Additionally, while Clover’s vast range of features can be a boon, it may lead to unnecessary complexity and additional costs for businesses that do not require such an expansive feature set.

Clover company history

Clover was founded in 2010 with the intention to revolutionise POS systems.

In 2012, it was acquired by First Data Corporation, now known as Fiserv, a global leader in payments and financial services technology solutions.

Since its inception, Clover has launched a range of POS hardware and software products, constantly innovating to cater to the evolving needs of businesses.


Is Clover suitable for my business size and type?

Clover offers flexible solutions that cater to a range of business sizes and types. From retail to restaurants, Clover’s systems and app marketplace can tailor to your business’s specific needs.

What are the costs associated with Clover?

Costs include the initial hardware investment, a monthly software fee, and transaction rates. These vary depending on the hardware and plan chosen.

Is Clover’s customer support reliable?

Customer reviews are mixed. While many find Clover’s customer service satisfactory, some users have reported slow response times and lack of resolution.

Can I integrate Clover with my existing business systems?

Yes, Clover can integrate with a range of business systems, including accounting software, inventory management systems, and customer relationship management tools.

Is Clover cloud-based?

Yes, Clover is a cloud-based system, allowing for remote management and access to business data.

Can I use Clover if I already have a merchant account with another provider?

Clover requires users to have a merchant account with its parent company, Fiserv. This may limit flexibility for businesses wishing to use a different merchant services provider.

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