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Last updated on 1 May 2024

Wallester Business, an innovative financial solution provider, is dedicated to streamlining payment processes and enhancing financial operations for businesses across Europe.

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Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Wallester offers a range of services designed to cater to the unique needs of modern enterprises, from SMEs to large corporations.

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What is Wallester Business?

Wallester Business is a comprehensive platform offering tailored financial services, including customisable Visa business cards and an intuitive payment infrastructure. Their solutions empower companies to manage corporate expenses efficiently, handle payroll, and automate transaction processes, all backed by robust security measures.

Key products and features

Customisable business cards

Wallester provides businesses with the ability to issue custom Visa cards that can be tailored to specific company needs. These prepaid cards facilitate effective expense management and can be configured with spending limits and merchant restrictions.

Real-time expense management

The platform allows for real-time tracking of all transactions made with Wallester cards. Businesses can view, categorise, and analyse spending to maintain control over their finances.

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Seamless integration

Wallester Business integrates easily with existing financial systems and accounting software, ensuring a smooth workflow and reduced administrative burden.

Enhanced security

With state-of-the-art security protocols, Wallester ensures that all financial transactions are secure. Features include card freezing, instant notifications, and secure online payments.

How does Wallester Business work?

Businesses can sign up for Wallester Business through a straightforward online application process. Once registered, they can start designing their corporate cards and set up their accounts to suit their operational needs. The platform offers a dashboard where users can manage cards, track spending, and generate reports, all in real time.

Use cases

SMEs managing frequent business expenses: Small to medium enterprises find Wallester particularly useful for handling day-to-day expenses, streamlining the approval and reconciliation process.

Large corporations with complex financial needs: For larger organisations, Wallester offers a scalable solution that can support the intricate needs of various departments and facilitate easy reporting and expense tracking across multiple teams.

Pricing and plans

Wallester Business offers a comprehensive range of pricing tiers to accommodate the varying needs of different businesses, from startups to large corporations. Here’s an overview of each available plan:


This plan caters to businesses needing basic platform functionalities and multi-functional cards at no cost. It includes up to 300 virtual cards and an unlimited number of physical cards, making it ideal for small startups or companies exploring financial automation solutions.

Premium (Most popular)

Priced at £169.95 per month, the Premium plan offers advanced functionalities designed to streamline financial processes, expense control, and payment management. It includes all the benefits of the Free plan and extends the virtual card limit to 3,000, with additional virtual cards available for £0.18 per card each month. This plan is perfect for growing businesses that require more extensive financial tools and services.


At £859.95 per month, the Platinum plan is designed for businesses seeking comprehensive platform functionality to meet any business goal. It builds on the Premium plan by offering up to 15,000 virtual cards and even lower costs for additional virtual cards at £0.09 each. This tier is suitable for large businesses with high-volume transaction needs.

Enterprise Suite

Tailored for large-scale businesses requiring personalised solutions, the Enterprise Suite’s pricing is custom and available upon request. It includes all Platinum plan benefits plus a dedicated Customer Success Manager, onboarding assistance, custom contracts and better rates, 24/7 priority support, a dedicated account manager, and access to open developer APIs.

Every package includes:

Regardless of the chosen plan, all users have access to essential functions such as expense control apps for iOS and Android, lightning-fast support in online chat, automated and manual data export to Excel, CSV, PDF, payment to payroll cardholders, high spending limits, and integration with accounting systems.

Wallester Business reviews

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Smart Money Peoplen/an/a
Average Score4.6157
Wallester business reviews

Alternatives to Wallester Business

For businesses seeking different solutions or comparing options before settling on a financial management platform, here are several alternatives to Wallester Business, each offering unique features and benefits:

Revolut Business

  • Features: Revolut Business provides global spending and flexible financial services with features like international money transfers, expense management, and multi-currency accounts.
  • Advantages: Extensive currency support, integrated expense management, and advanced analytics tools.
  • Best for: Businesses requiring multi-currency accounts and international financial transactions.


  • Features: Soldo offers prepaid business cards along with a comprehensive management platform that includes spending controls, real-time tracking, and automatic expense categorisation.
  • Advantages: Robust controls on spending, seamless integration with accounting software, and easy-to-use mobile apps.
  • Best for: Medium to large businesses looking for scalable expense management solutions.


  • Features: Moss provides smart company cards that automate expense reports and simplify bookkeeping. It integrates with several accounting software systems and offers real-time expense tracking.
  • Advantages: User-friendly interface, receipt capture functionality, and innovative spending analytics.
  • Best for: Businesses focused on streamlining their expense reporting and improving financial transparency.


  • Features: Primarily targeting startups and tech companies, Pleo offers credit cards and a cash management account that can replace traditional business banking.
  • Advantages: High credit limits, no personal guarantee required, and rewards for spending.
  • Best for: Startups and tech companies looking for a business credit solution that grows with their needs.

American Express Business

  • Features: American Express offers a variety of business cards with different reward programs and spending limits, tailored to both small businesses and corporate needs.
  • Advantages: Extensive rewards programs, including travel perks and cash back options, along with large accepted networks globally.
  • Best for: Established businesses that benefit from travel and purchasing rewards.

Wallester Business – The verdict

As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of modern financial management, Wallester Business stands out as a key player offering innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and control.

With its robust features and user-centric design, Wallester is well-positioned to support businesses in managing their financial operations more effectively.

FAQ about Wallester Business

What services does Wallester Business offer?

Wallester Business provides a variety of financial services tailored for businesses, including issuing customisable Visa business cards, real-time expense management, and seamless integration with accounting systems. Their solutions are designed to facilitate smooth financial operations for businesses of all sizes.

How can I sign up for Wallester Business?

Signing up for Wallester Business is done online through their website. Prospective users can choose their desired pricing plan and complete the registration process to start using the services offered.

Are there any free trials available for Wallester Business?

Wallester Business offers a Free plan that includes basic platform functionalities and up to 300 virtual cards, which can serve as a trial for new users to experience some of the platform’s capabilities without any financial commitment.

What are the differences between the pricing plans?

Wallester Business offers several pricing plans:

Free: Basic features and up to 300 virtual cards.

Premium: Advanced features, up to 3,000 virtual cards, and additional cards for a small fee.

Platinum: All the benefits of the Premium plan plus up to 15,000 virtual cards and even lower fees for additional cards.

Enterprise Suite: Custom solutions, dedicated support, and extensive integration capabilities.

Each plan is designed to meet different business needs and scales.

How does the virtual card system work?

Virtual cards provided by Wallester Business can be used for online transactions and in-app purchases, offering businesses a flexible and secure way to manage corporate spending. Users can set limits and control usage via the Wallester platform.

Is Wallester Business available internationally?

Wallester Business primarily serves businesses within Europe. For international availability and services, it’s best to contact Wallester directly to ascertain service coverage and compliance with local financial regulations.

How secure is Wallester Business?

Wallester Business prioritises security with state-of-the-art measures to protect user data and financial transactions. They employ robust protocols to ensure all account activities are secure from unauthorised access.

Can I integrate Wallester Business with other financial software?

Yes, Wallester Business offers integration capabilities with popular accounting systems, allowing for streamlined data management and financial reporting.

What customer support options does Wallester offer?

Wallester provides customer support via online chat and email. Premium and higher-tier plan members have access to priority support services.

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